Shit Happens

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Almost Bedtime

No matter how much you do, it's all never done...
I still haven't finished my resume to send to Jayde's mom, but I will by Friday, so I can send it out in the mail. Shoo said my computer is pretty much dead, he backed everything up, but I suppose I need something to put those files onto. At least we have 2 others in our house and I work on one at the church for 20 hours/week, since they give me next to nothing to do. It sucks, but I'm not too worried about it for now.
I have 2 of the homeless guys a ride to their NA/CA meeting after work today. It was awful outside and it was on my way. As far as I know, neither for them are sex offenders, just recovering addicts. Right after that other guys gets arrested for attempted rape I'm agreeing to do favors for other shelter residents. I can say no, and do all the time. ALL DAY people ask me for things, favors - something. I do what I can, while maintaining my sanity. I work tomorrow at 7am, on Thanksgiving, and no, they don't give you holiday pay. I just get my regular $6.50. I can't imagine why they can't keep employees...
I went out for a bit tonight; I'm still only drinking water. Monday I'm going to quit smoking. (STOP LAUGHING!) With the weather change it's really getting to my lungs, and if I'm going to get serious about this gym stuff, then I'm defiantly going to need all the lunch power I can muster. Wish me luck, and show me some pity by blowing some of your smoke my way.


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