Shit Happens

Monday, November 29, 2004

The End Is Near

Augh! I have the never ending sickness. That's hot, I know. Plem. Yummm. *cough* *cough* Someone told me to wipe my nose nose today, because I had something on it. Nope, not boogers, just dry skin from blowing it 50 million times. I lost my voice. No, I REALLY lost my voice. People keep hanging up on me at work because they can't hear me. I can't talk any louder damnit!!
I'm in the porcess of quitting smoking. Yes, it is happening for real this time. But mom says it doesn't count if I cheat. "You can't just smoke a little, like you can't jurt have a little sex. You either do it or you don't". I don't know how QUITTING smoking is comparable to actually HAVING sex, but mom must have been trying to put it into terms I could understand.


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