Shit Happens

Sunday, November 21, 2004


So I haven't been drinking, or going "out" much the past month or so. It's been nice. Last night I forgot I wasn't in college anymore and have become somewhat of a lightweight. As a result, my 5 drinks and 4 or so shots, led to an all day hangover.
It was great seeing Anna last night, and Laura, as always. Last night was my first trip to the Brewhaus in months, which has coincided with the trial (finally) being over, in case you didn't notice the connection.
White trash exhibit one from court was working. No problem for me, I'm not the one who made an ass out of myself. Apparently, trash felt shame because she did not make eye contact and turned around and walked the other way anytime I was near. I bet she feels guilty for helping to put me through all this bullshit after a damn JURY found me innocent and the girls looked like even bigger moron.
I also saw small penis #2 (I have seen ONE man with an even smaller one). He did try to make eye contact with me, but I wasn't having it. He either left, or avoided me the rest of the night. I bet he feels guilty for not supporting me during all the lameness and in typical coward style, planning to be friends with me again after the trial was over.
I'll get over it, but it took 7 months to hear "not guilty", so I may gloat for a while.
All in all, a good night. My friends rule. I don't know how I got so lucky.


  • At 8:49 PM, Blogger K- said…

    You can still go out and not drink. It is all a matter of will power and how much you want to chill with friends.


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