Shit Happens

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


I'm becoming a nondrinker. No, seriously. I felt so much better in the past month when I didn't drink then I have in the past few days after I had. I've agreed with other people that often I feel overly emotional after a heavy night of drinking, but I think the effects linger even longer than that - for me anyway. Not only is my body more prone to obscene hangovers, but I think alcohol as a depressant hits me harder and longer than it does some other people. I'll still be out New Years and such, but I plan to keep it to a minimum and see how it makes me feel.
I put in my two weeks at the Salvation Army. I told my boss Monday, but I'm writing a letter a resignation today. I said I would give it a try, and I did, but I just don't want to work there. Jayde's mom told her to have me send a resume and she may be able to get me a state job writing press releases. I don't know the first thing about press releases, but it pays more than twice what I make now and is actual writing experience.
I could actually think about moving out of my parent's house, which I didn't expect for a while. I guess I should consider that the next step before eventually moving out of the state. Or would it be better to stay home and save? Any suggestions? I really don't mind living at home and I don't really pay any household expenses, I just do household chores, the same way as when I lived in my own house in college.
Mom is buying Chris and I gym memberships for Christmas, I think mine starts in the middle of December. Next, I need to decide if I want to start tanning now, or leave it as a reward for after I lose 10 or so lbs. I also need to figure out how, and when I'm going to quit smoking. STOP LAUGHING!! It will happen, and hopefully soon. I've been so lucky lately, I feel like I need to go with it, instead of later wishing I would have appreciated it and tried to make other positive changes when things were going smooth for me.


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