Shit Happens

Friday, November 19, 2004


I now have 2 mornings at the Salvation Army under my belt, along with a single hour meeting about bell ringing.
So far, so good. From all sources, it sounds like Calvin is on a short leash. I think if the guy so much breaths at me the wrong way he's fired. Someone else said he's under investigation all the time for something. Also, that they think he's using again. That's all heresy, and I can't confirm any of it. I can tell you it is reassuring knowing I work above, and below, people on drugs. Crack is bad and I'm never going to try it. That's the updated conclusion I have come to in my 6 months or so working in social services.
I'm getting paid for all the hours I missed while on my "leave of absence". They also mentioned something about holiday pay, which we don't have. I think I got paid off. It was an extremely shitty payoff, but it's more money than I had while I was fired. Who knew a charity could be so scandalous.

I would still prefer a job with benefits. Keep your eyes and ears out for me. I would also like a nighttime waitressing job, but between my two current jobs right now, I'm working nearly 50 hours/week, so waitressing might have to wait.


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