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Monday, December 06, 2004

Still Ill

I got my Salvation Army Christmas bonus last week; it was $16.38.
Reason 2, 364 that I quit.
Today was my last day. I put in my two weeks a while ago, but Archie (my boss) kept asking when my last day was; I needed money, so he kept scheduling me, and I kept coming in. I said I would come in Wednesday if he needed me, but I think today was it.
I doubt I'll miss it much, today it smelt like bleach
and there was some type of foggy haze hanging over the room. Will, the night guy, left his sweat rag on the desk again. Will is a large (think 400+ lbs) man who sits at the desk, reading the bible (although from his logs in the book, I'm convinced he's barely literate) - which he excepts me to swoon in approval when I come in at 7am to him bragging that he has read the whole 3 chapters of John or whatever- anyway, the chair is tilting, ready to break and crack someone's head open, and smells like a large, smelly man.
Do you ever say something about someone, which you know is true, and don't feel guilty about it's truthfulness, but know if it gets back to them they will take it out of contest and it might be a problem you're not up to dealing with? Some things are better kept to yourself and tiptoed around in tactfulness. Tact is not my strong suit. Honesty may be, but tact is definitely not it. I might never really "learn" this one.


  • At 2:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    the night i broke up with my girl and called you, i went up to talk to my roommate about it too. i bitched to him for a while and then had some ice cream. you know, if i'm still up at 3am, i need some food, right? by the time the story got back to me, i'd come into his room crying and made him take me out for ice cream. and it somehow involved me throwing like a girl. that's telephone.

  • At 12:23 PM, Blogger Marilyndrew said…

    at least i don't have to worry about you starving. and tell me i'm "saintly" again--- it may never happen again in my life. ;)


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