Shit Happens

Friday, November 12, 2004

Surreal Life

Last Friday I quit/got fired (I'm unsure which exactly happened) from the SA. My boss, Calvin, had been picking on me for weeks. This week HIS boss calls me to ask me back. The problem is not me (which I already knew!), it's Calvin. She said we could go around Calvin, she would be my boss and I wouldn't have to deal with him. But it's not a huge corporation or anything, I'm going to see him and he's going to be a dick. I don't want to be around that. But I need the money, so I might take it back for a while. Kind of gross, huh?

In church work hot Ross told me today that all gay people who act on their homosexual feelings and people who don't accept Jesus as their savior are going to hell. Also, that the devil controls the earth and demons are among us. This is the word of god. I tried not to laugh and bit my tongue.

I need to find a new job(s).