Shit Happens

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Almost Bedtime

No matter how much you do, it's all never done...
I still haven't finished my resume to send to Jayde's mom, but I will by Friday, so I can send it out in the mail. Shoo said my computer is pretty much dead, he backed everything up, but I suppose I need something to put those files onto. At least we have 2 others in our house and I work on one at the church for 20 hours/week, since they give me next to nothing to do. It sucks, but I'm not too worried about it for now.
I have 2 of the homeless guys a ride to their NA/CA meeting after work today. It was awful outside and it was on my way. As far as I know, neither for them are sex offenders, just recovering addicts. Right after that other guys gets arrested for attempted rape I'm agreeing to do favors for other shelter residents. I can say no, and do all the time. ALL DAY people ask me for things, favors - something. I do what I can, while maintaining my sanity. I work tomorrow at 7am, on Thanksgiving, and no, they don't give you holiday pay. I just get my regular $6.50. I can't imagine why they can't keep employees...
I went out for a bit tonight; I'm still only drinking water. Monday I'm going to quit smoking. (STOP LAUGHING!) With the weather change it's really getting to my lungs, and if I'm going to get serious about this gym stuff, then I'm defiantly going to need all the lunch power I can muster. Wish me luck, and show me some pity by blowing some of your smoke my way.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


I'm becoming a nondrinker. No, seriously. I felt so much better in the past month when I didn't drink then I have in the past few days after I had. I've agreed with other people that often I feel overly emotional after a heavy night of drinking, but I think the effects linger even longer than that - for me anyway. Not only is my body more prone to obscene hangovers, but I think alcohol as a depressant hits me harder and longer than it does some other people. I'll still be out New Years and such, but I plan to keep it to a minimum and see how it makes me feel.
I put in my two weeks at the Salvation Army. I told my boss Monday, but I'm writing a letter a resignation today. I said I would give it a try, and I did, but I just don't want to work there. Jayde's mom told her to have me send a resume and she may be able to get me a state job writing press releases. I don't know the first thing about press releases, but it pays more than twice what I make now and is actual writing experience.
I could actually think about moving out of my parent's house, which I didn't expect for a while. I guess I should consider that the next step before eventually moving out of the state. Or would it be better to stay home and save? Any suggestions? I really don't mind living at home and I don't really pay any household expenses, I just do household chores, the same way as when I lived in my own house in college.
Mom is buying Chris and I gym memberships for Christmas, I think mine starts in the middle of December. Next, I need to decide if I want to start tanning now, or leave it as a reward for after I lose 10 or so lbs. I also need to figure out how, and when I'm going to quit smoking. STOP LAUGHING!! It will happen, and hopefully soon. I've been so lucky lately, I feel like I need to go with it, instead of later wishing I would have appreciated it and tried to make other positive changes when things were going smooth for me.

Sunday, November 21, 2004


So I haven't been drinking, or going "out" much the past month or so. It's been nice. Last night I forgot I wasn't in college anymore and have become somewhat of a lightweight. As a result, my 5 drinks and 4 or so shots, led to an all day hangover.
It was great seeing Anna last night, and Laura, as always. Last night was my first trip to the Brewhaus in months, which has coincided with the trial (finally) being over, in case you didn't notice the connection.
White trash exhibit one from court was working. No problem for me, I'm not the one who made an ass out of myself. Apparently, trash felt shame because she did not make eye contact and turned around and walked the other way anytime I was near. I bet she feels guilty for helping to put me through all this bullshit after a damn JURY found me innocent and the girls looked like even bigger moron.
I also saw small penis #2 (I have seen ONE man with an even smaller one). He did try to make eye contact with me, but I wasn't having it. He either left, or avoided me the rest of the night. I bet he feels guilty for not supporting me during all the lameness and in typical coward style, planning to be friends with me again after the trial was over.
I'll get over it, but it took 7 months to hear "not guilty", so I may gloat for a while.
All in all, a good night. My friends rule. I don't know how I got so lucky.