Shit Happens

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Published Poetry!!

I received a response yesterday regarding some poetry I submitted to a magazine/journal called "California quarterly" - and for once it was an acceptance notice!! My payment is one copy.Poetry life has little to no funding, so this is actually common. And I don't remember anything about the magazine, just sending the submission. My work will appear in CQ Vol.30 No.4. A copy can be purchased for $7. (haha)

It accepted "To the Girls Upstairs", which is far from my best work, but I'm not in a position to complain.

You are nice, it is lucky we are neighbors.

I don't have cable, but you do
and I feel as if I'm there with you, and your TV friends,
all day, every day, until midnight each night.

I don't get enough of the Dead, although I enjoy your pictures,
posters, and bumper stickers when I come up to visit. Through you
I get my daily dose of classic rock.

And techno. I don't care for it myself, but my roommate
likes it. It is convenient that you've picked up the CDs
she hasn't gotten around to puchasing herself.

It is too bad about the heat, but 62 is more than enough for the pipes
not to freeze. I heard the girls last year had space
heaters, maybe you'll get one for your bird. I know
he gets cold. I bet your ferrets are especially cute when they huddle
together at night.

Do they mate more in the winter, like humans? If not, maybe they
are distracted by the TV - you could get them movies to set the mood.

I have extra blankets you can borrow; I have 5 on my bed
alone. But I suppose you keep plenty warm by all the furniture
you move. My roommate says it's your bed rocking when you have sex,
but your boyfriend is here only every other weekend.
I do not feel it is my place to ask. Instead, I will keep en eye open for any rearranging.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

special people and sex offenders

Yesterday we had special people at the church. (SPARC Thanksgiving) They were fun, although it was difficult to distingish between staff and clients. No joke.
I still don't have my voice. A lot of the special people had speech challenges. I talked to another guy for a while, but most of it was the two of us going back and forth asking, "What?"
As cheesey as it sounds, not being able to speak (at least not very loudly)
has made me think about people who can never speak, or like the SPARC people, have speech impediments and spend their whole lives with people asking them "What?" while they try to express whatever it is that they are trying to say. Very frustrating.
The Salvation Army has kicked out all it's sex offenders, which is probably for the best with the problems it has been creating. This really nice woman, Arinda, left today with her mom and daughter. Arinda had been there about 2 weeks and was always very helpful and courteous. but since she had a bracelet, I assumed she was a sex offender.
I looked her up online yesterday (a past time I've picked up since working at the SA), and she was put in jail for criminal sexual abuse of a minor. She seems normal, very nice. And now she is going back to live her her mom and presumably her daughter. I hope I'm wrong and it's impossible to get custody of your kids after something like that, but "the way the system works" is sounds like nearly anything short of actually killing your kids, does not terminate your parental rights.

Monday, November 29, 2004

The End Is Near

Augh! I have the never ending sickness. That's hot, I know. Plem. Yummm. *cough* *cough* Someone told me to wipe my nose nose today, because I had something on it. Nope, not boogers, just dry skin from blowing it 50 million times. I lost my voice. No, I REALLY lost my voice. People keep hanging up on me at work because they can't hear me. I can't talk any louder damnit!!
I'm in the porcess of quitting smoking. Yes, it is happening for real this time. But mom says it doesn't count if I cheat. "You can't just smoke a little, like you can't jurt have a little sex. You either do it or you don't". I don't know how QUITTING smoking is comparable to actually HAVING sex, but mom must have been trying to put it into terms I could understand.