Shit Happens

Friday, December 10, 2004


I did NOTHING today. It was nice. Unfulfilling, but nice. I woke up around 2pm and picked up my final check from the SA, did some minor house work, cleaned up some cat poo, and am now waiting on my mom to finish dinner.
At church work, the Pastor's father-in-law died. Do I send a card to his house? I don't know what is protocol in these situations. Also, I need to get him and the 2 youth pastors something for Christmas. Something not expensive. Any suggestions?
At some point, I am going to shower and "start my day". I need to track down my resume to give to another company about another writing job I heard about. My computer is still at Shoo's house and I broke the disc drive to the one at work, so I've been putting it off. I've already had to create 2 new ones in a week, and I can't figure out where I saved the second one. (the disc got damaged on the first copy I made) If I have to re-make a third resume, I am going to save it in like 5 different places to make sure I never have to do this again. Resume writing sucks.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

New Years Pre-Party

I'm not 100% on it yet, but I think I'm going to have New Years pre-party at my house at like 7 or 8pm New Years Eve. Maybe a little earlier.
I'll make spiked punch and I'm sure drunk mom will come out in full form. And each person could try to bring a snack or drink to share. Our house looks really "festive" for Christmas and it would be nice to be able to share it with friends. And we could always split cabs if we need to after that.
Let me know who's interested.

Soccer Moms

Yesterday was my first time in a gym; okay, I'm exaggerating, but it might as well have been that long.
Apparently, this is where all the good looking men in Springfield have been hiding. Unfortunately, as of now, I am too shy to speak to any of them. This is something that I will build up too. I'm getting a tattoo, as a reward, after losing 50 lbs-maybe I'll talk to one of the hot guys at 25lbs.
In addition to hot young guys, there are slightly older soccer moms. After being in college for 4.5 years, and than working at a homeless shelter, I have not had much experience with hot soccer moms; but they are out there. These women are less than half my size, they seem to "glow", as opposed to sweat, and drive mini vans, but their children have mysteriously disappeared.
In the locker room I overheard one ask another, "Where could one find an ordiment?" I believe referring to yourself as "one" is borderline speaking in third person. There is "I" or "me", than "one" that only soccer moms use outside of English papers and scholarly journals, and finally, there is the Sienfeld-esk calling yourself by your first name.
Luckily, since I will never have children, or be able to become unnaturally thing, I will never turn into one of these freaks of nature who may, or may not eat their young.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


ringofjesusfire: as it stands, you've done nothing wrong, and you can just say something and have somebody else deal with the whole thing
ringofjesusfire: it's not like plugging a toilet, where you might be able to make it look like somebody else did it. they'll stick the disk in and it won't go. they'll look inside and see that it's broken
I'm at church work. I broke the disc drive. But it wasn't my fault, really, the metal part of the disc just broke off in the machine. I tried to get it out with scizzors, but it's really far back in there. I guess it's just a $15 part, but I don't want to tell anyone I broke it. And no matter what, it's broke, right? Whether I tell someone or if someone else discovers it themself...
What a silly thing to lose your balls over.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Career Moves & Tree Farms

I found out about another job opening today, which also involves writing. I KNOW I'm on the tail end of this good luck string...
Assuming I get one of these jobs, Laura and I are planning a cruise for her (grad school) graduation. I've never been on a cruise. I don't think boys are welcome, but since she doesn't graduate for another year and a half, we're still flexiable at this point.
Mom and Chris got a Christmas tree last night. They meant to go cut one themselves, but kept putting it off longer and longer. (after my mom, who has an even worse sense of direction than me, got lost for an hour and a half looking for the tree farm) Last year we put all our presents on the dining room table, under the pointsetta. She has a TON of ordiments, mostly gorgeous blown glass ones- my CAT especially appreciates their beauty. Stop by and have a look-see. Call in advance and momma-Macomber will probably hook you up with cookies.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Still Ill

I got my Salvation Army Christmas bonus last week; it was $16.38.
Reason 2, 364 that I quit.
Today was my last day. I put in my two weeks a while ago, but Archie (my boss) kept asking when my last day was; I needed money, so he kept scheduling me, and I kept coming in. I said I would come in Wednesday if he needed me, but I think today was it.
I doubt I'll miss it much, today it smelt like bleach
and there was some type of foggy haze hanging over the room. Will, the night guy, left his sweat rag on the desk again. Will is a large (think 400+ lbs) man who sits at the desk, reading the bible (although from his logs in the book, I'm convinced he's barely literate) - which he excepts me to swoon in approval when I come in at 7am to him bragging that he has read the whole 3 chapters of John or whatever- anyway, the chair is tilting, ready to break and crack someone's head open, and smells like a large, smelly man.
Do you ever say something about someone, which you know is true, and don't feel guilty about it's truthfulness, but know if it gets back to them they will take it out of contest and it might be a problem you're not up to dealing with? Some things are better kept to yourself and tiptoed around in tactfulness. Tact is not my strong suit. Honesty may be, but tact is definitely not it. I might never really "learn" this one.