Shit Happens

Thursday, December 30, 2004


Everyone is out of the "office today. It makes me want to do something sneaky. One day I was wild and crazy and made calenders for my personal use, another day I made Marilyn Monroe stationary. I am running out of sneaky things to do that won't get me fired.
I started a decent book the other day, "A Widow for One Year". This women begins to sleep with her husband's 16-yr-old assitant. I think her daughter sleeps with him like 30 years later, also. I want to write a coming-of-age story. One of my favoriates is "Innocent" by Cathy(?) Coone, some Austrailain woman. A 16-yr-old HS student starts sleeping with her teacher, but she tottally fucks him up, this guys should have "known better", but the girl is the one who really has the power. It's disturbing at times (think: "Lolita" with the girl taking out her retainer to give her stepdad head) but for the most part it's just fasinating.
Reading at work isn't very trick-sy, I don't even feel guilty doing that. Yesterday I made a resume, that's kind of sneaky. I'll have to think of something interesting to keep me busy for the rest of the day today.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Only at My House

Our back door is locked shut. No joke. This would only happen in my jerry-rigged, ghetto old house. We now have to use the front door, which sounds completly normal but it also broken. Well, sort of, it gets stuck and is tricky to unlock. And my dumb cat has been outside all day (luckily the weather is nice) because it is too stupid to realise the front door opens. It was pawing at the back screen all morning.
I skipped the gym last night, but went early this morning. Does that count as yesterday? 50 minutes of cardio. I'm still not doing weights, but I keep upping my cardio time. And since I did NOTHING for so long, I still think that something is better than nothing. Back me up on this one guys.
Mom ordered the cake for New Years. The guy didn't say anything about her requesting patel (she doesn't like how dark frosting tastes) "Happy belated Birthday Jesus" messege. Mom said she didn't know what she should put on it, did they have a picture of Jesus? He said they did not, but balloons would be nice for a birthday cake. So they agreed on balloons. We pick it up Friday afternoon.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


The knitting/coqueting party was a success. Also, I watched LOTR II all the way through for the first time. hah!
OK, it wasn't a party, except in Melissa-life. I make everything a party. Or, at least call everything a party. Laura got a "how-too" croquet book and made long, skinny ropes for ninja cat to play with. I started and restarted a peice of purple square which may, or may not, one day become an aphgan piece. We'll see. Everything is a surprise in this wild life I am living. ;)
I went to the gym, but only for a half hour. So now I have to go back today. I should go everyday. I can only go for a half hour if I go everyday. I need headphones. Or something to connect my headphones too. A radio or tapedeck would be fine. Anyone have an extra music source they want to lend me?

Monday, December 27, 2004

Energy Needed

I need some energy. I haven't been to the gym since Tuesday. The racquet club has crappy hours- it was closed on Christmas and it's only open until 7pm on the weekends. I've only been going about 3 time/week and I want to make it more like every day. It's just so cold outside. And I love to nap.
I got lots of napping accessories for Christmas, slipper socks, granny night gowns, a bathrobe- apparently it's no secret that I love to sleep. (for the record, I don't actually sleep in the granny nightgowns) Farah got me some awesome tinkerbell speepy pants, very thoughtful. It's hard to find grown up tinkerbell clothes. For my birthday, Laura found me a tinkerbell wallet and make-up bag--which I can't find, the bag, the wallet lives in my purse.
It lives in whichever of my FIVE Marilyn purses I am currently using. Oh yeah. Eddie and my mom got me the same one, so I really have 6, but he gave me his first, so I am returning the one she got. I have a really fun idea for his going away present, but I might have to mail it, since I don't think the midwest is going to be Florida ready by January.
The pre-New Years party is already exhausting me. I have to go deal with the Leland Grove police for a parking permit. They are surprisingly nice (when you live there!) but the station is open for like 10 hours a week, in the middle of the night, only during full moons or something.
It should be a good time. I forgot to invite a ton of people (even though I see them all the time!) so if you talk to someone I forgot, let them know about it. Also, if you can bring some beer or chips or whatever. We're getting some stuff, but I want to make sure there is plenty for every to gorge themselves on, and making even drink enough to save a few bucks later at the bars.
Laura and I are having a knitting party later. Yes, I am a knitter. I have never actually finished anything, but I am capable of knitting and have a book to help Laura. if I ever have the patience ot finish something, you can bet the rest of your Christmas presents, for the rest of yours life, will most likely be a scarf or an afghan.
That's hot.