Shit Happens

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Car Problems Part 489,758,934,758,436

Yesterday, I am driving home from work, "la-ta-de, la-ta-doe" singing along, smoking my ciegrette that will make me cough and about 3 blocks from my house my car starts to cough.
Not a horrifying "COUGH! COUGH!", but more like shallow breathing while making a flapping belt noise. When I explained this to my machanic he acted like this noise was common, or at least plausable.
So the car made it home, where I checked the oil. Low. And black. But I haven't seen it leak anywhere, and I just added some last week. My mom thinks it's the carberator (and it needs new belts, which I already knew) but she also thinks I'm nuts for explaining that the Honda (ok, in real life I forget if I have a Honda or a Toyota, it's something old,forgien, and grey) sounded like it was "breathing shallow".
NOW I am going to have to pay for car repairs. It's an old car and it's probably due for something. But I'm already broke and my parents have been helping me out with my bills. I'm curious how long they will do that before they cut me off completely. Or go bankrupt.
I need to either suck it up and get a second job doing something at night, or fine something else during the day. Preferably both, but that just gives me a headache to even think about.


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