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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Copy Man

The copy man and I have become fast friends. Although there is a slight age diference (approx 20 yrs) and we wear our hair in dissimilar styles (I still have all of mine), we still find things to chat about.
For example, he told me that he is a history major at UIS. His father is bitter. People at work think he is too serious. He had a herpes scare the first time he had sex at 32, but it turned out to just be really bad acne. (just checking to see if you were paying attention) And since he's so into history, he really likes Shakespeare.
He just finished Kind Lear. Copy Man tactfully stated how he read through his notes and was surprised by how dirty the story was. He didn't say "dirty", but he meant dirty. Duh, Shakespeare is a perv, it's just never addressed in high school English when you read Romeo and Juliet, American English teachers have a silent pact not to talk about how filthy Will is in a collective effort to avoid Shakespeare book banning, placing him in the same category as morally appresensiable literature such as "Canterbury Tales", "Everybody Poops" (ok, I made that one up), and everything by Toni Morrison.
Cope Man is real into history. That's cool. I'm a nerd too. Somehow dinosaurs came up (yes, in casual conversation). I told him about how I saw something on the National Geographic Channel with a crocodile with a head as long as an adult man. He says, "Imagine something like a beaver".
First, let me pause there to tell you what this man is like. He's in his early 40s, Donald Trump styled hair, piercing, light colored eyes, a bit round and wearing standard office apparel of white button up shirt and tie. (office clothes creep me out for some reason)
So he's intensely staring at me with the piercing eyes, telling me "Imagine a beaver, digging in the ground". (uh, ok) "And it's not like the little furry animal you imagine today, but it's large enough to dig holes 6 feet wide and incredibly deep". oh. wow.
"Can imagine living in that world where beavers are HUGE and can dig holes SIX FEET WIDE".
Anyway, I thought it was inappropriate for the workplace. Maybe I'm just over-sex and under-laid.


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