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Monday, January 24, 2005

Monday, Monday

"I don't mean to be a diva, but some days you wake up and you're Barbra Streisand."
- Courtney Love
Ugh, it's fucking Monday morning. I abhor Monday mornings. Mornings in general are rough, but Monday mornings are especially painful. No matter what I have planned for the day, and how I much sleep I got the night before, I would be delighted if someone shot me, as long as I didn't have to get out of bed for it.
I'm going to start cooking. I hate cooking. And I don't have the blity to boil water w/o starting a fire. My thinking is that if I make a hobby out of something I hate and suck at, maybe I won't hate it anymore and will be one day able to feed myself. There is a recipe on the back of the tater-tot bag for taco-tater casserole, and I think this sounds great. So if anyone is interested in taco-tater casserole, I'm your girl.
I just finished reading True Love and Other Lies. I was originally disappointed because the story was poorly written and predispose, which I still don't dispute. Total "beach read". But the sappy story and quickness of the read sucked me in. And even after being disappointed by the happy ending, I may recommend it to any women who's a little less of a pretentious snob about books. Maybe it will be made into a Sandra Bullock or Meg Ryan movie so everyone can collectively "oooh" and "ahhh" in the theater.
I'm by myself on Mondays. I have never tried napping at work before, but it's going to happen sometime; might as well be today. As long as I don't lay across my office floor, I don't think it will be a big deal if I'm caught. I guess if I get fired then I'll think it's a big deal.


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