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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Sample Life

Today has been a lazy day, I actually slept through most of it. I live in cave with no windows which is probably the cause of my excessive sleeping. Any suggestions? I can't remodel windows into concrete basement slabs.

This is a sample of what my friends and I talk about in real(ish) life. Maybe I should negotiate with that guy who had the blog "oversexed and underfucked" to argue that he's not get.

PTI: couldn't she have slept through it or something?
Marilyn Drew: thats what i thought, but i think she hated him too much by the end of the weekend
Marilyn Drew: ushually you can be like, "ok, but i'm just laying here, it's all you" and you compromise
Marilyn Drew: because you care
PTI: like she doesn't have to move, but you can cum wherever you want?
Marilyn Drew: sure
Marilyn Drew: if a girl won't do that for you, you know she hates you
PTI: I'd do it in her hair if she was going to be all lazy about it
Marilyn Drew: sometimes when you come in girls' hair they accidently bite you next time they give you head
PTI: sometimes girls disappear in the forest after they bite while giving head
Marilyn Drew: hmmm
Marilyn Drew: luckily central Il is all cornfields and not very foresty
PTI: true

"PTI" stand for "Protect The Innocent" - I have no idea if it's an actual aim name, but feel free to try it out in attempt to continue this conversation with him or her. Let me know how it goes.


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