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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

10(ish) Things I'm Scared Of

This seems to be the newest (oldest?) blog tread, I'm jumping on.

1) Sharks
1) Never finishing school
1) Never getting my "dream" job
1) Falling in love
1) Trusting men (inside relationships)
1) Spending the majority of my adult life in the midwest
1) Never getting in shape the way I want too
1) Never quitting smoking (for good!)
1) Having kids
1) Letting my mother down
1) Not being as good (or the best possible) to my friends and family as they have been to me
1) Never being consistently happy
1) Never catching up on my bills
1) Never being (primarily) self-sufficient/reliant
1) Crying in front of people
1) Showing certain weaknesses
1) Worrying people
1) Never being the person I want to be

That's closer to 20, I'm sure. I labeled them all #1 for my convenience.

Jess, I'm all "in touch" w/ everything now. I'm so LA ;)


  • At 7:41 PM, Blogger Blog ho said…

    Holy worrier, batman! All one? You need a deep muscle massage.


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