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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

California Quarterly

I just got my California Quarterly in the mail yesterday. A free is issue is the going rate for barely competitive magazines nowadays. I'm still excited though. This is the first piece I've had published that's not in Springfield and not college related.

In case you missed it the first time around this is what made it in.

To The Girls Upstairs

You are nice, it is lucky we are neighbors.

I don't have cable, but you do
and I feel as if I'm there with you, and your TV friends,
all day, every day, until midnight each night.

I don't get enough of the Dead, although I enjoy your pictures,
posters, and bumper stickers when I come up to visit. Through you
I get my daily dose of classic rock.

And techno. I don't care for it myself, but my roommate likes it. It is convenient
that you've picked up the CDs she hasn't gotten around to purchasing
herself. It is too bad about the heat, but 62 is more than enough for the pipes
not to freeze. I heard the girls last year had space heaters, maybe you'll get
one for your bird. I know he gets cold.

I bet your ferrets are especially cute when they huddle
together at night. Do they mate more in the winter, like humans? If not,
maybe they are distracted by the TV - you could get them movies
to set the mood.

I have extra blankets you can borrow; I have 5 on my bed
alone. But I suppose you keep plenty warm by all the furniture you move.
My roommate says it's your bed rocking when you have sex, but your boyfriend is here
only every other weekend.

I do not feel it is my place to ask. Instead, I will keep en eye open for any rearranging.


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