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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Church Secretary Today

I just received my February issue of "Church Secretary Today". I swear, they all run together. Time management, separating work and god, office tips, separating work and church, learning to say no... Well, if I actually did any work maybe I would have something to say "no" about and maybe if I went to church I would feel guilty about hanging up on the old ladies and letting they know they are wrinkled infestations of satan himself.

That was uncalled for. And I like old people. Except when they drive.

I'm DYING of boredom at work, once again. I borrowed "The Life of Pi" from a friend; it looks good, but I'm just not into it yet. And it's hard to write at work, I'm paranoid about leaving something behind. I've read all the on line news, I've read a ton of blogs, looked at, read my e-mail... any suggestions??

I really want a nap, but I slept in this morning (I actually got confused about the time and ended up an hour late for work) and skipped the gym, so I need to go tonight. If I nappy then I won't wake up until around midnight. At least I don't have work on Fridays.


  • At 11:38 AM, Blogger Julia said…

    I didn't really like Life of Pi. Didn't like the writer's voice. But I was cruising yesterday (one of my favorite spots to find pictures for He Looks Like) and there was this one guy who's user name was PiscinePatel (which is the name of the book's protagonist). I thought he was a major dork.


  • At 3:56 PM, Blogger philo said…

    i loved it. i'm also the perfect audience for a book like that: a dissatisfied atheist. even if you don't like the religious stuff (you're a fairly content atheist) it'll be fun to talk to you about the animal stuff.


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