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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Clearing My Head To Start The Day

I went to bed last night around 10pm, but not only could I not wake up at 5:30am for the gym, I barely got up at 7:30am!! (which is about the time I usually leave for work) I had showered last night, so I skipped one this morning, washing my face, brushing my teeth, and pulling on clothes off my floor. -clean socks and underwear, that's all that really counts-

Any suggestions why I'm so damn tired all the time?

I started taking vitamins, because I thought it might help. I'm eating heather, and even more protein. Maybe I just need to give it some more time for everything to catch up with me.

I did cardio for an hour and 15 minutes last night, tonight I'm shooting for an hour and a half. Since I nearly always forget about weights, I just up my resistance on whatever cardio machine I'm doing and pretend that will help with muscle. (did I make that up?) Oprah's 8 times a week is impossible. I'm shooting for 8 hours instead of 8 workout sessions and will probably fall a little short this week. I'm pretty confident I can get it up to 7 or 8 hours next week, if I can't do that much cardio maybe it will finally motivate me to do more weights and I'll just add that time into my 8 hours goal.

I just make this shit up. I'm happy I get off my ass to do anything. I get free sessions with a personal trainer but I'm scared of them so I just guess.


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