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Monday, February 21, 2005

Husband and Wife

Husband and Wife
(inspired by Edward Hirsch’s Husband and Wife)

I fell asleep with your body beneath me-
your arms spread in curtains,
your feet tangled in a mass of sheets,
your warmth searched an eternity to match
my own, only once,
as if pushed into you from
Some great distance, from oblivion itself.
I carved myself from you, rolling
away into my own shape, we
were two halves of something that
didn’t quite fit into one body-
a jumble of cells, atoms, really,
floating on fire ready to burst
apart in a storm of time passing away.

Then we fell into each other
breaking new ends to our halves, we allow
our two hands to cup as one
The horror-the realization-was unbearable
and we renewed ourselves, tasting
one another, discovering our nakedness . . .
I feel asleep with your body next to me.
Already awake, you had been staring at my
closed eyes, and falling breasts, watching
me like a stranger just discovering a new
lover, scarcely touching until your went to
the door again, reaching for the handle to turn
the lock.

I wrote this a while ago for class. It's a hirsch knock-off, and I kept it in his orginal style, but I'm thinking it needs to be changed, I don't like the numebring and some fo the wording doesn't match. I'll try to find his poem by the same name to post for a comparison.


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