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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

More and More Men

For the record I am not on a man rampage. I like men. LOVE men. They are essential during activities such as sex, and generally helpful during activities that involve heavy lifting or cooking. I enjoy drinking with men because, except for the pussies, they can hold their own, and if they can't, at least they don't expect me to hold their hair.

So don't get scared; I haven't turned into a hairy man bashing dyke, nor have I metamorphosed over-night into a gold digging sex kitten. (which doesn't sound half bad...) I'm just a little sick of males in general.

Not my buddies, they are great. Although it makes it even worse to hear the "nice" guys talk about women and dating. Unfortunately, except for an occational freak of nature, there doesn't seem to be any exceptions to these "rules". (except everyone who's getting/gotten married- but that's a whole nother post) That's one of the reasons for my 35 cut-off; all my friends are under pretty safely under 30-35, so I'm giving men the benefit of the doubt guys grow out of this stuff eventually.

Someone back me up here....


  • At 8:48 AM, Blogger Bakaya said…

    I back you up here.. I married a 30 year old. I think for men, age 30 and above is the point of no return for most guys. They either grow up, or risk falling in a black hole forever.


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