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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I've been lookingat at doing research for work. (seriously, we put funny pictures in the youth bulletins-I have to work sometime guys) Praying no one will come up behind me and see what I've been looking at, I've been busy checking out all the t&a.

Now, my ass is never going to be show worthy, the thing really should remain covered at all times, but it made me feel pretty good about my boobs. I don't have little springy size A tits that are going to stay perky into my 80s. (do they really stay "alert" that long? does anyone have any epxperience with small, elderly boobs and can fill me in??)

I've never really liked my nipples either, but after checking out all the college co-eds proudly showing off what their mommas gave them, things are looking up. Here are some stong points I came up with:

A) My nipples are the same size and pointing in the same direction
B) For large boobs, mine are firm and winning the fight against gravity.
C) The bigger my boobs are, the smaller it makes my stomache look.

I fell down the stairs (just 5) the other day and my mom told me that we busty ladies have to be careful because it is easy to hurt ourselves since can't see our feet. I thought it was much nicer than telling me I'm a clumsy bastard.

I'm really into lists lately. More to come.


  • At 2:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I hear ya' on the making your stomache look smaller, or feeling more porportioned thing. And I'm totally stealing that explanation for all the falling and tripping over things that I do.


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