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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Blah Blah Blah

I did an hour of cardio last night at the gym, which is weak, considering I have been doing an hour and a half. Tonight I'll got back to an hour and a half. I think it will just be on the bike and ecliptical though, somehow I hurt my leg last night. It's not really bad, but when I walk I have a small shooting pain from the top of my left thigh to my ass. I assume it will go away on it's own in a day or two.

I tried two different skinny meals for lunch and ended up eating less then half of each. I knew I might not like them. one was taraki chicken and rice, and I don't think I actually like even non-cardboard taraki sauce, so that was a bust. The other was chicken and speghetti. I'm sure I thought I was just buying speghetti, which was the palatable part, the chicken was gross. I have another one to try tomorrow.

I sent out some resumes today. I'm going to call the lady about the job I interviewed tomorrow, if she hasn't called me. I assume if she hasn't called they decided on someone else, but it won't hurt to call.


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