Shit Happens

Monday, March 21, 2005


It's 1am and I can't sleep. I'm feeling all "blek".

I love my friends, and brag about them all the time because they're so great, but everyone is coupling up, which is awesome, but the rest of us end up sitting across from them at a table, watching them googley-eye and make-out. (that's only a slight exageration) I love being in love, but I don't understand the matching shirts and extreme PDAs.

My friends have been busy with their private PDA, which means I get to see them less (but prefer to the public out pouring).

On the flip side, I did run into some friends I haven't seen in years, which was great. I never know what to talk about though. Laura and I decided the next old friend we run into we're going to make up stories about hang gliding in south america with professional models until we do something really interesting that we want to talk about.

There's some other things going on, but this isn't really the appropriate place to mention them. I need a second secret blog, but that would give me 2 blogs and a private journal, and there's a limit to how much even I'll write. (at least about myself--contrary to recent opinion)

I was also told today that I'm moody and self-centered/self-involved, which is always nice to hear. I'm not quite sure what I did to deserve that one, but I think comments like that are generally an unhappy person attempting to spread his unhappiness, which I should make more of an effort to avoid. I have enough on my own to get me down without outside "support".

Yeah, so I bet you're happy you checked my blog tonight. :)


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