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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tuesday the Tease

Blogger hates me and won't let me leave comments on my own blog. Other people's: yes, mine: no.

I was bored and felt crappy yesterday so I left work at 2pm. No one comes in on Monday afternoons so I doubt it will even be noticed. If it is, I'll just subtract it on my hours and let god keep his $20. I know, back to hell for my unethical ways.

I went to the gym last night. I only did 40 minutes of cardio; nothing was good on tv and I got really bored. 20 minutes of weights. Some of the leg ones look confusing, so I skip them. By the end of the week I'll have them figured out. I like going around 9pm when no one else is in there to see me try to use the machines backwards. (it hasn't happened yet, but it did, almost)

I'm eating grapes for breakfast. I was eating really well (relatively) and then started to slide once I noticed I lost some weight. Now I'm not loosing any weight anymore and my tummy feels like it's a separate entity. No, there are not entities inside of it, it feels like a blob of it's own. I'm working on that.

Tuesday morning is better than Monday.


  • At 8:26 AM, Blogger Lightning Bug's Butt said…

    Freggin' grapes for breakfast?

    That's willpower. I usually go with McD's McGriddle.

  • At 1:16 PM, Blogger Marilyndrew said…

    it was a lot of grapee. like a baggie full. if i would have had cash on me i would have beeen eating a bacon, egg, and cheese bisket right next to you!


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