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Monday, September 26, 2005

Back to court over this shit

I've never filled out one of these reports before. I wrote this and it barely makes sense to me ...

Vehicle 1 was traveling North on Macarthur, headed straight, when Vehicle 2 attempted to cross two lanes of traffic in a single turn.

Vehicle 2 crossed from the lane directly to the right of Vehicle 1, in front of Vehicle 1 and into the lane directly to the left of Vehicle 1.

Vehicle 2’s attempt to cross two lanes at once caused an impact between the right front corner of Vehicle 1 and the rear left side of Vehicle 2.

After pulling out of traffic to exchange information, the driver of Vehicle 2, whom was 15, and driving on a permit, attempted to switch places with the passenger of Vehicle 2, her mother, the owner of Vehicle 2. The gas station attendant, {internet edit} (I have listed her contact information below) witnessed their attempted switch and asked the younger girl if she had a driver’s license. The girl said “yes” and the attendant asked, “Then why did you try to switch drivers?” At first they didn’t answer and finally, the mother answered, “Because she was scared and I just wanted to get her out of the driver’s seat.” The {internet edit} answered, “That’s not what it looked like.”

After that the driver of vehicle 2 apologized to the driver of vehicle 1 and said she “meant to turn right,” instead of turning left and causing an accident.

Approximately 20 minutes later Officer {asshole} showed up to get our information. The driver and passenger of the other car did not mention the witnesses, I suggested he enter the gas station and speak to them.

Officer {asshole} repeated to me what the witness had told him, which appeared to collaborate what I had told him.

The attendant told me there was another witness who worked at the Firestone shop across the street. I asked Officer {asshole} if he would speak to that witness. Officer {asshole} replied, “If you go get him. It’s not my job.”

The Firestone witness had already left for the day, but the gas station attendant, {internet edit}, said she could get in contact with him if he is needed. Another witness, {internet edit}, who originally didn’t want to get involved, but later changed his mind, tried to tell Officer {asshole} what he saw that happened, but Officer {asshole} said, “I have already started writing my report, I can not change it now.” I have listed {internet edit}’s contact information below.

Officer {asshole} was not helpful, didn’t appear to listen well or have attention to detail. On the Illinois Motorist Report he mismarked the damage to my car. He marked section “8,” where it should actually be section “2.” The day after the accident, Sept. 21, I spoke to Sergeant {less-than-asshole} who said the error had been corrected.

The damage both Vehicle 1 and Vehicle 2 prove that Vehicle 2 did not attempt to turn from the lane that Vehicle 1 was in, as Officer {asshole} decided. The damage to the right front of Vehicle 1 and the left rear of Vehicle 2 shows that Vehicle 2 was actually in the left lane, attempting to turn across two lanes at once and cut off Vehicle 1, making it impossible to avoid a collision.


  • At 2:49 PM, Blogger Poolboy said…

    Not the new car!!!

    This comment brought to you by the random letters: ziajzze

  • At 3:48 PM, Blogger Marilyndrew said…

    yes, the new car :(

    and the asshole cop gave me a ticket for it!

  • At 7:18 AM, Blogger Poolboy said…

    That SOB! I haven't had a ticket in about 5 years... other than that one time when I rear-ended my bosses' bosses' bosses' boss. Whoops. Good career move.

    This comment brought to you by the random letters:ecrcln


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