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Monday, September 26, 2005

guilt and balls


I grew some balls and called the witness that the cop wouldn't talk to about the accident, who saw the other girl cut me off. (have I mentioned I have a stranger-danger phone phobia?)

He was nice, he doesn't have computer to type up a statement, or e-mail it to me, so I think he is hand writing it to me and I am going to pick it up from the gas station he works at tomorrow. It was hard to tell, there was a baby SCREAMING in the background. (reason 2,683 I won't be having any babies!!)

It's soooo nice of him to say anything and I don't care if he writes it on the back of the receipt in Greek. I just didn't want to intimidate him asking him about computers and e-mail (before I knew how to use one I know that stuff intimidated me) I hope it turns out OK.

I also want to know why I feel guilty asking him to write a statement after I was hysterically crying about my new car (when a lot of people can't even afford cars), in my dressy work clothes when he works at a gas station and has a missing front tooth. (minus the tooth and super-sperm inducing baby, he was cute!)

I really appreciate what he is doing and told him so and have been really upset about this accident. Why do I feel guilty when I have things that other people don't seem to have? It's not my school wasn't paid for in loans and I haven't worked what I have achieved. And why do I assume I am "better off" (better off, definitely NOT "better than") than someone who presumably has a beautiful baby and family they love??

I think my priorities got mixed up some time ago ...


  • At 2:30 AM, Blogger philo said…

    oh baby, that's called white guilt and it makes us all pissed and bitter sometimes. but i know how you are. you'll puke all that up on the internet where it don't matter and in real life you'll find a nice way to thank that guy for sticking his neck out for you.

    and i hope they take that cunt rag's license away for seven years and give her hag mother the chair. pardon my french.


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