Shit Happens

Saturday, September 24, 2005

our version of wedding planning

LMC: i dont know....we havent really talked about that
Marilyn Drew: i request asparigus at the wedding
Marilyn Drew: i really like wedding asparagus
LMC: i dont see myself getting married any time soon
LMC: you should talk to {internet edit} about that
Marilyn Drew: in 10 years i will still like wedding asparigus
LMC: ill keep it in mind...
Marilyn Drew: {internet edit} would personally make me my own plate if {internet edit's gf} didn't let him have it in the real life wedding meal
LMC: probably
Marilyn Drew: georgia might politely tell me that it is his wedding, and not mine, and i am welcome to eat what they serve
LMC: oh you dont know that
Marilyn Drew: AND he'd say "if you grab my ass one more time i am telling LMC"
Marilyn Drew: AND lock the door so I can't get my own asparigus

Marilyn Drew: i'm done being onry, you might have just made my day with smiles


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