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Friday, September 30, 2005

rumble rumble

Laura and I going to the Petersburg haunted House next weekend, the 7th or the 8th. Invite yourself and pick a night and we'll go then, because you know Laura and I will scream like little girls and can't go alone.

I had Chinese buffet for lunch. It was OK, I tried everything that wasn't from the sea. It was $6, not bad. I ate with cops. I guess they're OK when they are not writing you tickets.

After work today I'm going to the yarn store for more knitting supplies. I'm convinced this will keep me out of the bars and away from the refrigerator. Expect poorly crafted scarves for Christmas.

I finally spoke to April (it's been about a month!). She is doing well, going to school full time, working full time AND has an internship at some booking agency for 15 hours a week. I don't think I could do it. Her and the fiancee just celebrated their 6 months, and yes, she is still getting married. No, she has no picked out dresses yet. Yes, you can be my date if you pay for the hotel, put out like a porn star and buy all my drinks.


  • At 1:39 AM, Blogger philo said…

    did you go to the one on 9th and cook (ish) that everyone goes to at lunch? man that place is good. and by good i mean cheap and all-you-can-eat. there you have it, my definition of good: cheap and plentiful.

  • At 9:02 AM, Blogger Poolboy said…

    I personally like Buffet City over on Wabash & Chatham Rd. Even though it is on the other side of town and it takes me 20 minutes to get to for lunch.


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