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Thursday, October 06, 2005

crappy charity

My company is really pushy about donating to our designated charity. We have fun events you can participate in, but we're really "encouraged" to donate via payroll deduction.

The newest coospondence from my boss.

The pledge forms for the annual {crappy charity} are available for you to print, complete and submit. The {crappy chairty} helps those in need right here in our community, and I encourage you to participate in the fundraising effort. {crappy chairty} offers a number of ways for you to donate and allows you to designate how to use your contributions. Please visit the {crappy chairty} link on the Intranet for more information. If you would like to continue making the same payroll deducted contribution you made last year, you need to complete the form. Even if you choose not to donate, we need you to complete and submit the form. You can access the pledge form at this link. If you have any questions about the pledge form, contact either {crappy charity contacts}, this year's campaign chair and co-chair, respectively.

No pressure ...


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