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Thursday, November 03, 2005

busy? busy.

I got a Cd player ($20) and an car adaptor ($6) at Walmart last night. I rarely shop there, but it is damn convenient - and cheap.

The speakers in my car are decent, the CDs sound a little muffled since it is through the tape deck, but it's not bad and I should have gotten one a long time ago.

Laura backed out, so we have space for someone else if anyone has the weekend off and wants to go up and see April. We're only accepting applications from ladies at this time.

My clothes don't really match (the ones I wear to work often don't) but my hair looks damn good today. It's curly/wavy with a little bit of the front-top pulled back with a small, brown butterfly clip, kinda 50s style.

I love it.

I need it cut in a bad way, but I'm so cheap when it comes to my hair. It's grown as long as it grows and I need to accept that it will never get any longer and keep it trimmed and shaped. I dyed it "brown" again. Reddish-brown, but the ends are darker because they are so damanged, so I have a bit of a fade going on.

It's sexy. You'd love it. (hah)

Apparently, my mom is worried about me dying on my trip and keeps nagging me to leave her phone numbers. I don't remember her doing this when we road-tripped down to New Orleans or FL, but I left from school so I guess she felt less responsible for me.

If I don't come back this time she might notice.

Another pitfall of living with my parents - in real life, I don't mind. But it makes me feel about 12-years-old.


  • At 3:44 PM, Blogger K- said…

    Sorry I keep not being able to do lunch with you. You need to plan it with me about a day ahead of time so that I don't come straight home and eat my lunch early.

    I once had to do the discman/adapter. Thank goodness my Taurus has a built in CD player. I was getting tired of dealing with all those accessories.


  • At 12:44 PM, Blogger K- said…

    How was your weekend trip? I want to hear all about it.



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