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Monday, November 14, 2005


Why is having a bad haircut so upsetting??

I went in yesterday to the girl I always go to for cuts. It's a family business, which I'm into, they play christian music -

no one is perfect.

I had pictures of my hair in college when is was RED and then some more pictures from when it was higlighted RED and blonde. Kind of chunky highlights, not real dramatic, but bright and flattering.

I ushually dye my hair myself, and I've even been letting it rest the past 6 months. I got tired of broing brown and I tried to do it from a box, but it's so damaged that the red fades out at the ends.

So I go to the hair lady and she cuts it. The cut is perfect. An inch off the back and a half an inch off all the layers.

She colored it in foil, but the pieces she used were tiny and cap-sized.

I hate thin cap color, expeically with blonde. It reminds me of older ladies with wiry grey strands covering their heads.

It doesn't look red and the frosted looking streaks give it a greyish appearance.

I could have done grey at home.

I hated it when I left, but I thought I could live with it. I was clear in what I wanted, but in the end, told the girl I trusted her in what looks good.

Her hair always looks good.

While she was doing it I didn't pay attention to the size of the streaks and trusted her that the reds she was using would actually show up. I assumed the blonde she used would bleach and make me look like I had a cheap dye job.

So tomorrow I have to call and explain that I hate it. Try not to cry or feel bad about making her feel bad and make an appt. for them to FIX IT.

I want to give her one more try and then I'll just go someplace else.


  • At 1:08 AM, Blogger said…

    I think you still look beautiful.

  • At 2:08 AM, Blogger philo said…

    word, i know what you're going through. i just bought shampoo this week after a long time of just using soap. i know the hair i got now has never seen shampoo. probably several generations of hairs, never seen shampoo. but i said to myself i'm sick and tired of split ends, i'm worth more than this. but i bought pert, got taken in by the fancy green bottle, and i'm telling you it doesn't smell expensive like i hoped it would. so now i gotta get something nice like tresemmé or that l'oreal stuff with the o-ring on top so you can store it upside down to get the last drops out. not talking herbal essences here cause i ain't no fag, i'm just saying, this hair's too good for white rain.

    anyway the moral of the story is treat your hair right.

  • At 8:11 AM, Blogger Marilyndrew said…

    shoo -

    i love shoo, even tounge-and-cheek shoo

    i also love that shoo hasn't brought up me chipping in on rent after all the weekends i've spent on his couch

    phil -

    i'm just trying to let it sink in that you actually used bar soap on your hair


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