Shit Happens

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Let me clarify

The "not gay guy" did NOT actually say "I'll show you how gay I'm not." I added that on my own.

Does that make him less creepy?

I met him for drinks Thursday night, which was fine. We went to a buddy's bar, which was pretty empty, and played mega touch games and watched South Park. I didn't feel like trying to make conversation; he was okay at it, I was just too tired to make the effort.

I did that for a few hours, it wasn't bad. His family lives here, but he's in the air force in Oklahoma and left today. He called me yesterday to hang out, but I didn't answer. I actually stayed in last night and was a big nerd, doing laundry and going to bed early.

He did not seem creepy and had very good manners, for the record.

Am I horriable if I consider him "practice" for "real life"?

Friday, April 22, 2005

Quickie Quiz

Thursday, April 21, 2005

I'll show you just how GAY I'm NOT

Tuesday night highlight:

I wasn't going to drink Tuesday (I know. I know. I'm a bad non-drinker) but it was my girl friend's birthday (girl SPACE friend, calm down) and she got like a million free drinks and many of them were too large for her to finish alone. And she didn't "need" anymore.

So I was a good friend and helped her out.

This made me really drunk and work on Wednesday d r a g.

It also made me even more oblivious to men and men signals. I spoke with a man near the end of the night, whom I assumed was gay. He had been talking to another man earlier that I knew for sure was gay, and I heard the word "gay". They were all well dressed. Also, someone has said that bar was the new "gay hangout".

So I start joking with this guy, thinking he is gay. I had been hot all night and felt like a smelly, drowned dog mess, I was not in the mood to "pick up" men.

We're laughing about whatever is funny at 2am, after drinking a fish bowl and love bucket (it was really called a "love bucket" and was served in a metal bucket- very tastey). And all of a sudden he's like, "...if you give me your phone number so I can call you to go out to dinner."

I just stared at him. He's like, "Seriously, I'd like to take you out later this week." I was trying not to say, "But you're gay!". So I just gave him my number.

I'm not smooth and finally said,m "Uh, I thought you were gay." Which he was only mildly amused by and insisted in having me repeatedly explain why I thought he was gay so he could repeatedly reaffirm that he was not gay.

He also didn't understand why I let one of the real life gay men touch my breasts and he could not.

I didn't answer when he called.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

"Thank you"

I rented Sideways and Closer.

Sideways was a waste of my life. Except I (cringeingly) enjoyed what a loser the guy was. And the naked man chasing them as they drove down the street.

Closer was a downer. Jude Law's character was too scummy to be hot. Seriously. I didn't enjoy him at all. And besides having amazing teeth, the "eastern" guy wasn't sexy either.

The entire movie wasn't sexy! Why is it so hard to capture sex on screen? Love I understand, it's complex/complicated/surreal/hard - all that jazz. Sex is sex. People make millions off porn selling sex.

Natalie Portman's dialog was choppy. Was that her doing, the writer, or the director? Julia Roberts was annoying and I couldn't figure out why she was so special/interesting that she was ruining everyone else's lives.

My favorites parts were Portman telling the teeth guy, "Thank you" and actually cringing when he yelled. And the end, which I won't spoil. I didn't really care what happened at that point, but at least someone got fucked.


14 hours

Since I got 14 hours (no joke) of sleep last night, I feel refreshed and modivated (slightly useless) today to get everything done I've been putting off all month.

This morning I cleaned a bathroom, did the laundry, returned phone calls, and cleaned the kitchen. It's not even noon! Man, I'm good.

No work today since my building is a block from the Lincoln Presidential Library. The entire home office gets it off. Paid. I should have slept in.

Tonight I promised Farah I would dress up for dinner at Sapudos for her birthday. I need to make up for sleeping through last night, when I should have been out like a rock star. (it was Monday, yes, I know)

I need to run out today to return some pants I bought. I thought they were capris, but in real life, I bought a regular pair of jeans in "short". No joke. An example of how fashion inept I am. I also want a tanning package and some bobby pins.

I LOVE having long hair, but it stays up all summer. I need to think of something for work that keeps it up without showing the tattoo on the back of my neck. I wouldn't get fired over it or anything, but it's unprofessional and I'm already the (second) youngest person there, I would rather not appear even more unprofessional.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Panty Update II

Disclaimer: If you're grossed out of annouyed by reading about how women feel about undies when they work out, SKIP THIS POST!

I LOVE BOY SHORTS! I think it was Stoli (whom I am once again, too lazy to link) who suggested wearing boy short undies to work out, and she's (extra) awesome for it. Very comfy!

I only wear pant so to work out, so whoever suggested the bike shorts for chafing, I don't need 'em. (unless I'll show my legs in public by the end of summer)

But french cut (french cut meaning the bottom fourth of your ass hangs out) boy shorts are amazing. I looked for some more yesterday, but couldn't find them, I'm going to do a little more shopping today. And maybe some tanning, I love tanning.

I just got out of bed today....