Shit Happens

Saturday, April 30, 2005

(My ) TOUNGE (gets me into) TROUBLE

I saw this hottie punk kid last night out for his 21st. He had all the gear, tight t-shirt, ear spacers, star tatoo, piercing.

He knew he was hot.

Being the thoughtful girl I am, I bought him a shot for his special day.

Being the blunt girl I am I told him he looked rediculous.

"You're fucking gorgeous."

(Fake modest smile) "Thank you"

"Don't get offended. I know you want to be "different" with all your "punk" accessories and such. But you look like everyone else who is dressed the exact same way as you."

"You dress like that and I dress like this to be unique."
(I was dressed very "normal" in jeans, subtle make-up, curled hair, and a striped thermal shirt)

"Dude, you look like all the other kids who are dressed exactly like you. You're all trying to be "unique" but it doesn't work."

"I don't know you, and obviously it's none of my business, I just think it's funny."

"I got tatoos and piercing and shit to look different. It's just how I am."

"When I was your age I looked just like you. I used to be holey and got tattoos and whatever. But even then I didn't buy into an entire "counter trend."

Somehow, this didn't offend him. He just maintained his insistence that he is an individual.

I need to be nicer.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


My boobs hurt. It's been going on for at least a month off and on. (No, I am not pregent, I just have hurty boobs)

Last month when I had my period they were ultra sensitive. Not ultra sensitive in an "ohh! there's a breaze up my dress" kind of way, just sensitive. The bleeding stopped, and they went down in size (they also got humongo-big), but they are still touchy.

Guys, imagine if your balls were hurty and whenever your pants rubbed against them they were sore. See, not so fun.

My neck hurts too. I slept on it wrong. And my tummy is full of hamburger and french fries, which makes me want to sleep and not to to the gym. I've been slacking on the gym since I started my new job.

Sidenote: there was a lady in my orientation class today who looks just like Peggy Hill from King of the Hill

I just want to be lazy and sleep the more I sleep and not work out, the less I want to wear tank tops. Or even worse, skirts. (I don't wear shorts. I think they are ugly)

This makes me want to go shoe shopping.

It all comes back to tits. again

Sometimes I pretend that my blog is a personal letter, just you and me. Like the time I shared about my panties chafing at the gym, or how much I hate to bleed every month.

I appreciate that you listen.

And I'm going to take full advantage of that by sharing with you my new whoa.

I found a grey hair. I found THREE grey hairs. (although one might be a double sighting)

They're white. At first I thought that I somehow got powder in my hair, somehow coating just a single strand. (I wear powder under my boobs in the spring/summer)But then I saw one even when I hadn't been anywhere near powder.

They are in my bangs, and almost unnoticable. For now, I think they are fun, like our little secret and have left them. I don't know how long that will last.

My great granny passed away at 87 with NO GREY HAIR. And she really wanted it.

I wish I could give her mine :/.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Line Dancing Summery

"Melissa, that guy kept telling me how much he liked you. He was cute. Why wouldn't you talk to him?"

"He's 25 and has 2 kids."


"He said he loves being a dad and really wants a third kid. A girl."


"I told him girls are trouble and I never want kids."


"And this barely deterred him. He said he I would change my mind one day. There will be no mind changing."


"And I deffinalty wasn't going to change it tonight. "

"Yeah, you're right."

"You know I'm scared of super sperm."