Shit Happens

Friday, July 08, 2005

boys boys boys

I was talking with a male, uh, "friend" yesterday and we were exchanging complaints about the opposite sex.

He says, "I wish girls would actually say what was wrong instead of maybe elluding to it and then getting mad and then letting it build up until it starts a big fight or dumping you. Why don't they just talk about what's bothering them?"

I say, "From my expeirence, you don't want to change anything, or eveb consider compromising. I'm not saying you're a bad guy or anything, I'm just saying you're set in your ways and have never seemed open to compromise with women."

He says, "Well, I shouldn't have to change or compromise with someone, if they don't like me, then they shouldn't bother dating me or whatever."

I say, "Compromissing in an effort to make someone you care about more happy isn't the same as changing for them."

He says, "Well, I'm not going to change for someone. Either we get along or we don't."

Um, yeah. I can't imagine WHY women don't try to talk to you about their feelings. You come across so open and accepting to suggestions. They must be nuts.

And I REALLY can't imagine why you are single.

Good luck dude.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

all day i dream of breasts

I was up at 5:30 this morning so I went to the gym. I went yesterday morning too, but I didn't wake up, I had just never fallen asleep.

But I digress.

The gym was freezing, which was great, because it's generally sweltering. But freezing rooms mean aching nipples. My left nipple hurt so bad I was praying for it to go numb from the pain.

It didn't.

Walking to my car I thought it would quickly defrost, but it was a slow process. So I helped speed it up with my hand.

I thought the lot was empty, but I look up and there is 40ish-year-old man looking at me. Hand froze on my nipple, I mumble, "hi".

"How you doing this morning?"

Umm, fine