Shit Happens

Friday, August 26, 2005

car heaven

My '87 Honda Accord went to car heaven last night.

I can't decide how much I should spend on a new one -- get something cheap for a few thousand and deal with its problems, or buy one that is a year or two old and still has a warenty.

I'm not the best with money so an older one might be better (so I don't have to pay it off for 5 years).

Any advice/suggestions/offers to car shop with me??

Thursday, August 25, 2005

lunch with Jared

I just had Subway for the fourth day in a row.

Tomorrow will probably be number five.

Mom and I started WW on Monday and I haven't had a chance to see what I can eat - besides fruits and veggies and pre-made cardboard meals. Right now, I'm trying to eat foods with the lowest amount of "points" possiable.

Luckily, I let myself get pretty chubby so I get tons of points. TONS OF POINTS.

Food isn't very fun anymore (ok, I know, food isn't really "fun" to begin with, but I used to look forward to all my grease and full flavor cheese) and I'm smoking like a banchee.

I once had an argument with this girl on my floor in college about what a "banchee" is. I said a screaming monkey, she said a witch.

I think she was wrong.

Kys, how long did it take you to lose the 40 lbs? It seemed like you did it in like 2 months or something ...

But you chase kids all day, I sit at a computer screen and feel irritated when I have to get off my lazy ass to go to the bathroom.

(this is why I haven't been blogging -- pretty bitter and not very exciting)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

i sepll worsre thin u

I found someone who spell sworse than me

some samples:



I'm convinced insurance agents are the worst writers on the face of the planet.

apologies, apologies

Sorry guys.

All I've been doing lately is working, complaining about work, sleeping, reading and eating cardboard. (only one job, Barnes and Noble lasted a day)

Doesn't make for very interesting blog posts.

And I forgot how to make the trashcan appear to remove these stupid adds I keep getting in my comments.

Where do they come from??

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

more complaints

I hate it when people don't understand what you're trying to say, but instead of asking more questions, or listening while you explain

they act like YOU'RE the idiot.

Monday, August 22, 2005

hit me again

My birthday was nice, my brother bought me a VCR - my third. I've just never hooked any of them up after the one on my VCR/DVD player broke. (I didn't buy that one either, I would never chose a combination machine)

My mom got me a dehumidifier, my girls got me my fave perfume, Poeme. Also, some scented candles, a book and a gown-up tinker bell umbrella! (the one I have now is ting-kid sized)

I don't know why you complain I'm hard to shop for. Shoo got me a bottle of vodka and that alone will keep me busy/happy for at least an entire weekend.

Maybe the night I go to the Cubs/Cards game Ed gave me tickets too!

(I know, I'm spoiled rotten)

It was great seeing all my friends, especially April and her sweetie finance. FINALLY. Anyone up for a road trip up to MN in October(ish)? I'm dying to meet her best friend (and maid of honor in her June wedding) Jen. They said the weather is too cold to do much once it gets into winter.

I've been getting a lot of shit lately for being the same blunt self I've always been. I was laid into about affirmative action (I'm not an advacate), not wanting babies (as if that makes me incapable of being left alone with other people's children!) and a blog comment I left about how this girl reading song lyrics makes her sound like she was forced to do it in front of a class. (but I also complimented her on her amazing artwork!)

It's hard enough to read poetry and make it sound "poetic." I wonder how possible it is with song lyrics?

I've always thought the lyrics to songs are like bad poetry ... Not quite concise, or descriptive enough to make it into something that can hold it's own without music.

(no, that does not mean I think poetry it "better than" music or that music is worthless, so lay off the hate mail)