Shit Happens

Saturday, September 24, 2005

our version of wedding planning

LMC: i dont know....we havent really talked about that
Marilyn Drew: i request asparigus at the wedding
Marilyn Drew: i really like wedding asparagus
LMC: i dont see myself getting married any time soon
LMC: you should talk to {internet edit} about that
Marilyn Drew: in 10 years i will still like wedding asparigus
LMC: ill keep it in mind...
Marilyn Drew: {internet edit} would personally make me my own plate if {internet edit's gf} didn't let him have it in the real life wedding meal
LMC: probably
Marilyn Drew: georgia might politely tell me that it is his wedding, and not mine, and i am welcome to eat what they serve
LMC: oh you dont know that
Marilyn Drew: AND he'd say "if you grab my ass one more time i am telling LMC"
Marilyn Drew: AND lock the door so I can't get my own asparigus

Marilyn Drew: i'm done being onry, you might have just made my day with smiles

Friday, September 23, 2005

Finally, someone who is passionate about SOMETHING

I love Phil, he's one of the smartest guys I know. But even geniuses are wrong sometimes.

His comments in regard to this post:

dear melissa,
thank you for your timely post on immigration. here i thought the reason we didn't have 25 million to fix up those levees in the first place was the half-trillion-dollar war, but luckily you're here to point the real finger of blame at the few million La Raza would like us to spend on people who were so poor in the first place that they snuck across the border (usually this costs a few thousand a person) to take a job cleaning toilets or picking cotton. we're probably talking a thousandth of a percent of the cost of the iraq war here, but i guess every penny counts. i say thanks because that article mentions barack obama and i checked out his website and found out he's doing podcasts now and my ipod's on its way. if it makes you feel better a mexican guy talked shit to me in spanish on the bus the other day and i didn't know and somebody had to tell me after the guy got off and the next motherfucker calls me poblano is gonna learn my spanish might suck but my french is on point. we're both haters, but you're hating on people for being poor and i'm just hating on dickheads.


Dear Bleeding Heart Phil,

Who was the last person you talked to about immigration? Because I think you just reiterated his opinion ...

If my salary ever increases threefold to match yours, I may have a drastic change of heart regarding immigrants who sneak into the country and endanger their children, placing themselves in a situation where they feel they can't take them to the doctor for necessary medical attention because they are afraid they will be turned in and sent back to the country where they are an actual citizen and can legally reside.

Maybe one day, when I can spare the third of my paycheck the government sucks out, I won't mind that there are people here illegally taking jobs that could be offered to people who are here legally and pay their taxes.

I probably won't care about the people who come here, many not even bothering to learn English so they can better function in our society and don't use birth control and have five children (such as the man in this article) to enroll in our already overcrowded and under resources schools.

I don't have a "few thousand" to move to another country, such as the immigrants you mentioned. And if I could, I definitely wouldn't need to sneak in, illegitimately, avoid their taxes, not learn their language and have babies that don't even exist as far as their government is concerned.

So maybe if I'm one day in your situation, I'll be more sympathetic and less bitter about paying border guards to prevent these people who endanger not only their own lives, but also the lives of their children, coming in here on an inadequately supplied boat on a journey that may, or may not kills their family or in a semi truck filled with 30 other people, including children, who may, or may not live through the trip.


The Heartless Bitch

As for the war, you know I've never supported it and believe that the money and resources spent in Iraq should go toward something more important, such as aide to improve the situation of the poor in our country and abroad. The two issues are completely unrelated and I'm surprised you tried to connect them.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


I will be home next week watching Bob Dylan.

Then there's some ubber expensive box set with the interviews included that I will need to purchase.

Can't wait

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


karma is a bitch

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

If you didn't hate me before ...

This is an article about Katrina relief and illegal immigrants.

I've already established I'm a horrible person and going to hell for a variety of reasons. This is no different.


If you're in the country illegally, you don't pay taxes and you're taking a job that someone living her legitament could be working and you've produced FIVE children that you now have to avoid taking to the doctor because it could lead to the deportation of your family -- you don't deserve aide! (Don't people feel guilty putting their children in these situations??!)

Yes, anyone who needs medical attention should receive it and yes, since you snuck in, it's now our responsibility to make sure you don't starve to death or live in horrendous, uninhabitable conditions but once we've adequately bandaged you up, fed and clothed you, we should send you back to Mexico, where you are an actual citizen.

I would LOVE to help everyone in the world, welcome everyone from everywhere and give them all loads of money. We're a rich country and we give aide, we should give more, companies, people, the governments, everyone should be doing more to help health conditions all over the world and help improve the conditions in third world countries. I'm not arguing that point.

But that's irrelevant to my currant rant.

When we get control on our own health care, our own poor people, we'll do that. Until then, I feel we should do what we can for others, but primarily focus on the tax-paying citizens who need assistance. If someone SNEAKS IN they're shit out of luck.

Yes, I know I've never lived in the impoverished conditions some of these people line in. And maybe if I experienced something like that I would feel differently, I hope I do one day (feel differently, not live in a shack). But for now, the gov is taking a shit load out of my check to pay for other people's health care (do you think it's easy to pay for my own?), their drug treatment programs, their TV in their prison cell, their school, their job training, food and shelter.

People who sincerely need help should receive all the resources they need, and unfortunately they don't.

The painting job the alien in the story had fed him, his five children and presumably his wife. SEVEN PEOPLE. I'm sure thousands of the people living in New Orleans before the storm would have done anything for the opportunity for a job that could feed seven.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Momma M

"Mom, you bought shampoo and conditioner for black people."

"I did?"

"Yes, it says 'for women of color'."

"I thought that meant for colored hair."