Shit Happens

Thursday, November 03, 2005

busy? busy.

I got a Cd player ($20) and an car adaptor ($6) at Walmart last night. I rarely shop there, but it is damn convenient - and cheap.

The speakers in my car are decent, the CDs sound a little muffled since it is through the tape deck, but it's not bad and I should have gotten one a long time ago.

Laura backed out, so we have space for someone else if anyone has the weekend off and wants to go up and see April. We're only accepting applications from ladies at this time.

My clothes don't really match (the ones I wear to work often don't) but my hair looks damn good today. It's curly/wavy with a little bit of the front-top pulled back with a small, brown butterfly clip, kinda 50s style.

I love it.

I need it cut in a bad way, but I'm so cheap when it comes to my hair. It's grown as long as it grows and I need to accept that it will never get any longer and keep it trimmed and shaped. I dyed it "brown" again. Reddish-brown, but the ends are darker because they are so damanged, so I have a bit of a fade going on.

It's sexy. You'd love it. (hah)

Apparently, my mom is worried about me dying on my trip and keeps nagging me to leave her phone numbers. I don't remember her doing this when we road-tripped down to New Orleans or FL, but I left from school so I guess she felt less responsible for me.

If I don't come back this time she might notice.

Another pitfall of living with my parents - in real life, I don't mind. But it makes me feel about 12-years-old.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Minneapolis or bust

Anna, Amanda (our old college roommate), Laura-maybe and I are heading up to MN this weekend to go see engaged April.

We're so excited, as there is no tax on clothing purchases.(no sales tax at all?) I don't even really like shopping, but I can still get excited about it in a gigantic mall with food and bowling and a roller-coaster. We're also planning to stop by the art museum and zoo.

I'm excited about cramming four ladies in my beetle, clown-style. And out bags in the trunk - traveling light-style. For nine hours. Possibly with no CD player.

I bought one of those cheap-o tape adaptors last night. It is actually designed for an ipod since I am the last person on the planet who actually owns a car without a CD player installed.

The "cheap-o" adaptor was actually $20 and the cheap-o CD player will probably be at least another $20.

So if anyone has either of these things they want to let me borrow or sell to me for a real-life cheap-o price, drop me a line. We girls were really looking forward to fighting about whether me should play Dylan and Atmosphere (me) or Mudvayne and Korn (Amanda).

I am also in need of some parallel parking lessons before my drive up to Chicago ... It took me (an embarrassing) five turns to make one in lame downtown Springfield at lunch today.

Monday, October 31, 2005

a dog named stud

"Hey mom, is this your condom on the dining room table?"

"No, it's Duke's."

At least someone is getting laid