Shit Happens

Saturday, January 28, 2006


(if I ever start a heavy mental band I will call it KittenSnack)

$150 later the kitty lives! His herpes scab fell off his eye (which we knew it would). Instead of turning into a painful ulcer, it scarred over. I'm not sure if he has vision out of the eye, but it shouldn't hurt him.

The butt shaking (which is on-going) was because his anal glands needed to be drained. He's a mean cat the vet so they put him in a tupperwear box with a tube hooked up to the gas to put him under (or nearly under).

He still does the butt dance, but it's his regular butt dance and not the scary one he started doing when the glands started to back up.

I'm not sure how much longer the little (FAT- 14 lbs) kitty has, but for now, he's okay.

Kitty photos to come


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