Shit Happens

Friday, April 28, 2006

Title suggestions??

I finally came up with something to end my project for my class. I know, I know, you're holding your breath and peeing your pants in anticipation. It's not ready to show yet, but to hold you over, I'm posting a revision of another piece from the project.


“Sleep here,” she slurred.
Patting her half-removed
duvet cover crumpled in
itself, falling off the bed’s edge.

Between the sheets
her hesitation evaporated
in sucked breathes and hard
exhales. His arm laid
across her shuddering stomach coming
to rest beneath her breasts.

(Number nineteen or the big two-O?)
The double digit did not diminish
the significance of each man as he left
his footprint in her

His trail became more marked
and striking each time he came.

Her arrival was later. Harder
moans flew from her mouth in surprise
she shivered, coming again
and again. Her eyes rolled back
stretched stark.

She occupied this thing
that filled dripping in
exhaustion. Recoiling

she recalled how long
she had held it in. Her past
sticking in the glue of regret, shook


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