Shit Happens

Monday, May 01, 2006


I finished my final poem for my class! I wanted my character to kill herself, but I couldn't decide how. This is the most complete draft I have so far.

Hell: Part II

I laid
each of my pills out
four for each day
twenty-eight for each week
one hundred and twenty for the month

I laid
them across my mattress
four by four by four down
the lines. I matched my sheets
to compliment their colors and pulled
a nightgown over my head

I laid
each pill across my tongue
one by one by one swallowing
them down to the resident knot
in my stomach. I used
my left hand to pull out
single hairs from my head.

I laid
across the mattress, fleshly made
sheets, feline breaths expanding
the small body pressed against my own
purring in content. I pulled up my dress, fingering
my scars, I grasped my crusted, rusty
razor and carved out the words
“I’m sorry”


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