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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Chimes of Freedom Flashing

(Chimes ring, not flash. Although I enjoy the consonence, it doesn't make sense. And why does everyone say "alliteration," when they usually mean "consonence"? And when am I going to figure out how to spell??)

In the past week I've met four cousins, hiked down a waterfall to swim, bought four pairs of shoes totalling less than $65, and learned the use and purposes of six different types of gun.
I knew I was missing out in the midwest, but I had no idea how much. My family has treated me as if I never left. No one smokes here. Everyone recyles. Moutains and greenery line the highways. I HAVEN'T SEEN A SINGLE CORN FIELD!!!
I have no idea which area I want to live in, but I'm missing so much by being away. I really need to come up with a concrete plan that includes moving within a few years (ASAP). It's going to be so hard to leave on Saturday ...


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