Shit Happens

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Things I've learned in the past two days:

1) It is possiable to sneak both lighters and vodka in a carry-on, through airport security
2) Regardless of the fact that I am NOT carrying drugs, the dogs make me damn nervous
3) All the cute men you're not seeing around town - yeah, they're hanging out in the airport
4) Graduates from my tiny, liberal arts college do occationally leave the midwest. (I sat next to a 1970 alum on the plane)
5) Continually pouring liquid from small liquer bottles into your drinks will discourage row-mates from making small talk with you
6) I still hate small children and don't think they should be alloud in most public places uncaged and without a mussel
7) The entire state of WA is non-smoking
8) 20-year old boys DO NOT clean their bathroom for visiters, no matter how much they love them
9) Compared to a pre-school teacher, I sure swear a fuck of a lot

10) This is home.
I can't believe it's been four years.


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