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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

lalala back on my soapbox

Somehow NARAL Pro-Choice America found out how important keeping my ovaries clean and the availability of birth control is to me and has been sending me weekly e-mail updates regarding the status of reproduction rights in America.

They also ask for money and have been disappointed to find out that I have none.

The latest e-mail said that they poled Americans and there is good news: 77% of American voters agree that reproductive choices, such as abortion should be left up the individual.

They also made me answer the survey myself, before receiving the results. I'm surprised that 23% of conservatives went anywhere in the vicinity of Pro-Choice America to answer their survey.

Why bother even sending that information out? Instead of encouraging people to vote for pro-choice candidates, if nothing else, because of the awful state of reproduction rights in America today, it is giving them the message that it is not important to speak out because there are so many others are on their side. If you're going to skew a survey, at least do it in favor of your cause.

Click here to see how your congressperson's record regarding choice.


  • At 6:07 PM, Anonymous moondog said…

    NARAL is on my shit list because they don't really fight for reproductive rights as they would have you believe. i personally believe their sole purpose is to raise money for the democratic party and they hide behind the reproductive rights argument so they can be considered a separate entity for fundraising purposes.

    i say this because in wisconsin, we had a special election -- one of only three special elections going on in the whole state mind you -- between a green party, pro choice candidate, and a democrat who was only a dem by convenience because every one of his positions were republican, including his anti-abortion stance.

    well, even though there was literally no other race with this much distinction between candidates on THEIR SOLE ISSUE, they refused to even comment on the race and didn't even mention it on the NARAL wisconsin web site. when i asked them about the omission, i was told they "didn't have enough staff to cover all the elections in the state". this was one of only three races going on that day, and THE ONLY ONE THAT FEATURED THEIR SINGLE ISSUE!

    the only conclusion i can draw is that NARAL does not truly support women's reproductive rights whatsoever. at least planned parenthood sent out an alert, even if they didn't actually endorse a candidate. but to completely ignore such a cut and dry election is just too telling to me that it's not the purpose NARAL is actually fighting for.


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