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Monday, September 11, 2006

Hot-ass no more

The SPANX (it might not really be in all caps, but come on SPANX? how do you resist) made it until lunch when I stripped them off at the tanning salon, decided to go commando and leave the SPANX in the backseat of my car.

Product review: My ass did look hot. My SPANX made it through a full 6 hours without a single tear. Besides living in fear of a yeast infection (and I think I'm still yeast-free) they were fairly comfortable. The tummy was tight, but they gave you enough material that you can hike them up under your breasts and avoid an unsightly fat-roll.

I have a hard time hiking anything up under my breasts and found the protruding fat-roll to be uncomfortable when I sit. Which is all day.

Although I have sworn off all activities relating to bridesmaids and especially bridesmaid dresses, I'm with Amanda - they'd be okay for special occations, but not for everyday.

I'm still getting birthday presents from last month. I like having two months of birthday. People really know what I like- meaning I keep receiving things I already own. I really appreciate the thought, but what do I do with these double-things?

In case you're waiting until the exact middle day between my birthday and Christmas, here's something I do not have:

Light blue VW hat

I know, I know, I'm against wearing labels - I cut them off and out of my clothes, But I really love my car. I LOVE MY CAR (do you hear that camero-Jessie??), I think a fuzzy little VW hat would help keep my Volkswagen happiness near, all winter long.

Notice the hat is a highway-robbery $29. Volkswagen has standards to uphold. EXPENSIVE standards to uphold. "Official" new daisies for my car are like $12 (I don't want to talk about it).

Luckily, the yarn for the matching scarf I'll knit will cost me under $5.


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