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Friday, October 06, 2006

GIANT CONDOMS (take THAT google)

I stole Things in Rubbers from the The Hot Librarian.

It's really things in rubbers.

And I love rubbers! I just bought a 12-pack of giant ones, GIANT CONDOMS that I can put GIANT THINGS into. (take that as you will) I have minimal experience with giant condoms, so I'm not sure if they come in packs smaller than 12. GIANT CONDOMS, GIANT QUANTITIES??

Maybe so.

I would assume men who require GIANT CONDOMS may need GIANT QUANITITIES of condoms to accomodate the GIANT amount of ass they receive (this is why my blog is annonymous!).

And since I haven't gotten laid more than three times in a single week during the course of my GIANT CONDOM use, I should have GIANT CONDOMS to spare.

I'm so overwhelmed with excitement I can't decide what to put in them first. Ohhh, and since I don't need to keep my bacon/rubber ducky/dead fish "safe," I can reuse one GIANT CONDOM for all of my GIANT CONDOM photo needs.

And yes, I wish I had a photo to accompany this post. ;)


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