Shit Happens

Friday, January 13, 2006

Totally 80s Friday

I want a PS2 so I can play dancepad.

Then Ed and I will have a danceoff in our underwear and I will win.

(I went over there the other night and we played. He took his pants off because he "can't play in pants. Neither him nor Amanda even flinched when I undid my zipper and threatened to do the same.)

I did not win.

I would like his neighbor to move out so I can move in and walk home from the bars to drink and pass out in my own apartment. (if I don't die on the stares first)

I would only have to walk across the hall to his apartment to play dancepad.

Desolation Row

My friends are starting to commit to serious relationships, move in together and get married. I'm so happy for everyone, and lately, everyone has great taste and I love getting to know all these new people.

I hope everyone I know is happy, it works out and there are no more broken hearts.

I want you to find "the one."

However, for many people, this isn't the first "one." And when you broke up with the last "one" I was there for you, dropped some of my own plans and spent my time consoling you or trying to cheer you up. I love helping the people I love and doing whatever I can for them.

But now that they've found a new "one," I don't get as many phone calls to go out and especially not to stay in. Whenever we do get together, you're gf/bf is there, which is fine, 90% of the time - until you make out in front of me or baby talk or pick fights with one another because you're feeling bored or insecurity the moment. (COME ON people!) I don't understand, we're no longer 13 and you now have your own homes to kiss, goo and fight in.

And after being put on the back burner, again, I won't be around this time the way I have been in the past after the breakup. I'm really tired of being used (although I realize this is not your intension) when you need me and feeling forgotten once you find someone new.

I know it sounds petty, but sometimes I feel petty. Lately, my girl friends (and boy friends!) have included their significant others in EVERYTHING we do, like we weren't independent friends before. They expect me to make plans with them, working around their joint schedules, acting irritated when I don't. You've become less reliable and back out of plans more often.

I'm not angry and I hope I don't sound preachy. But if you think I'm talking about you, than it's something to think about.

I realize I see things differently than a lot of the people that I'm around- marriage, kids and white picket fences don't appeal to me and aren't on my agenda for a long, long time, if ever. I try to keep these sometimes separate priorities in mind, but I'm 24, it's hard to accept.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Downtown MN


April is marrying this guy ...


It wasn't a playground park, but we pretended.


Anna, Amanda, April


Entrance to the Statue Garden? I forgot what it is called.


Notice his plastic bracelets, women's jeans and backwards, studded belt.

New Years 2006

New Years 2006

New Years 2006

Outside the condo

New Years 2006

I can't get anymore pictures off my disk right now. I might try again later. I have better ones ...

New Years 2006


New Years 2006

Amanda can blow ...

New Years 2006

One of the few seeming non-trashed photos.

New Years 2006

One of my two favorite Jeffs. (and my #1 Anna)

Monday, January 09, 2006

popped like a swollen balloon

Shoo's party was awesome - mostly thanks to GTG and the clear soda. ;)

I brought my little brother along and his girlfriend. I think Mr. Popped-Collar himself fell in love.

T: (while checking her out across the room) "Your brother's girlfriend is so hot."
M: "You just eye-raped her. She's eight years younger than you, dating my little brother, and you eye-raped her."
T: "I'll tell you a secret, I've been eye-raping her since you introduced us."
M: "I think they are leaving soon ..."

Katie and I want to know why everyone passed out by 3 a.m. We were ready to party. I think mini-Shoo (David) was also. He would have stayed up with us to play burnout and share some shots.