Shit Happens

Saturday, January 28, 2006


(if I ever start a heavy mental band I will call it KittenSnack)

$150 later the kitty lives! His herpes scab fell off his eye (which we knew it would). Instead of turning into a painful ulcer, it scarred over. I'm not sure if he has vision out of the eye, but it shouldn't hurt him.

The butt shaking (which is on-going) was because his anal glands needed to be drained. He's a mean cat the vet so they put him in a tupperwear box with a tube hooked up to the gas to put him under (or nearly under).

He still does the butt dance, but it's his regular butt dance and not the scary one he started doing when the glands started to back up.

I'm not sure how much longer the little (FAT- 14 lbs) kitty has, but for now, he's okay.

Kitty photos to come

Friday, January 27, 2006

Can I kill my cat ....

I've had my cat for 13 years and love having her to cuddle and play with. She smells (apparently old cats smell just like old humans do) and is moody. That's probably why we get along so well :)

He's fixed, he hasn't been ho'n it around the neighborhood getting a lot of action, but he does have herpes. In cats, herpes is an upper-respitory infection and his came out in his eye. They're born with it and he began to show symptoms about a year ago.

I put drops in it and feed him special food but the vet says I should have him opperated on. To remove the eye it's over $500 and to save the eye and have some other type of surgery it's over $1,000. I can't afford either and even if he lives through the surgery (he's pretty old and putting him under and his recovery would be har don his body) it will come back and if it gets to this point again I'll be in the same position.

He also shakes. At first I brought him in and he had his ass glands cleared. (they have a name, but it slips my mind) Tht made him miserable and I he ran under a sink in the vet's office (while drugged) and the vet nurse had to put on special gloves to dig him out because he wouldn't come out for me.

The ass glands have been fine but he still does the butt dance. We thought it was a urinary tract infection but he only pees in his box and the vet tested his urine and it was clean. I looked on line and I found some research saying it could just be behavioral.

For the past year or so, I went with that but now it's getting worse and he looks like he's in pain when he shakes. I plan to bring him into the vet tomorrow to try to find out if I have any other options and to talk about putting him to sleep.

Except my vet doesn't seem to understand that sometimes people can't afford to take care of their pets in the extremes they would like too. My cat is old. If I was old, in pain and uncofortable, I would be thankful if someone put me to sleep.

She doesn't it see it that way. I am going to ask her how she thinks the cat is doing, should I try giving it more medicine to control the eye (it's gotten worse) and do more investigating on the shaking, or are those things not going to make a difference and without major surgeries and expensive and tramatic tests, nothing is going to make a difference.

I understand being frustrated with people who don't take care of their pets and the people who get rid of them or put them to sleep just because they don't want them anymore, but my kitty's lived a full life. I would love to have him around for 13 more years but to me, it seems like he's already started dying.

I don't see the vet being very supportive or understanding about me trying to discuss if I should put it to sleep but I already feel bad enough I don't need someone else making me feel worse.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The long poem goodnight

The long poem was awesome. I have to write some papers on how I feel about some poems we're reading. No references besides the books themselves, just some pages on poem feelings.

We start writing poems soon. They don't have to be long. They just have to be epic or serial or something. Basically we write a book that tells some type of story. Mine will be filled with sex, water and time. (and none about the time it takes to have sex in water)

Dirty poetry to come ...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Look what I found

Monday, January 23, 2006


I start my first grad class tomorrow.

"Writing the long poem"

My long poem is 50% of my grade.

Wish me luck!!

"In real life" (it's all the craze)

I went to Shoo/Kys for Luca Pizza and 360 Friday night. The boys aren't really ready to share their new video games with me. Luckily, I brought rasberry vodka and cigerettes to amuse myself.

Remember how when I eat and drink I don't usually get drunk? And how the last time I really drank too much was about a year ago on LMC's birthday??

I found out I CAN eat tons of pizza and still get drunk and that severely-drunken-Marilyndrew may be a yearly event. Thanks to everyone who collected my ass, shoved me into Katie's car and somehow got me home. I really appreciate it.

I talked to April tonight. She highly recomends Disney cruises for anyone who can afford it and is looking into going on one for her honeymoon. She says I need to order my BM dress by the end of February. I'm thinking I should get on the Kyle program and take a few weeks off drinking in a weak effort to shrink my middle before the wedding.

Is it possiable?

Let's take a survey - who thinks Marilyndrew can go until February 22 without drinking? And are you willing to put money on this?? Do I get extra money/prizes/fakedates for March 22??