Shit Happens

Friday, February 03, 2006

I've got gas

My car beeps at me every time I turn it on when it's low on gas. Once it gets into the red, it moves to E very quickly.

Yesterday I drove to smerk on low, went out west for my allergy shot and BARELY made it home. (it started to sputter in the intersection by my house)

This morning I went to the gas station to fill it up. At $6 the pump clicked, indicating the tank was full. I pulled it out a little and it went up to $7, I pulled it out a little more and went it went past $9 (it's about $25 to fill up all the way) IT SPRAYED ALL OVER ME!!!

It's never done that. My gas tank is on top of the curve over my wheel, it's not even on the actual side of my car. I have no idea why it pretended it was full, it's never done that before. I didn't have time to change before smerk so I took off my sweater and hoped I didn't give anyone a headache with my gas smell. :(

Monday, January 30, 2006

lush lifestyle

I was a lush, once again, this weekend.

Jenny's party was a success. It's the second party this month my 20-year-old brother and I both attended. I asked him what our plans were for next weekend. (hah!)

I went down to the Brewhaus with Katie for an hour, back to Jenny's to hang hang out with Kyle and friends. Finished off the bottle of Captain and the last of the jello shots. Met a delightful friend of Trever's from U of I.

Trever drove my car to Kyle's to play 360, which I have still yet to actually play. Jacked up my seat so he would feel like a big man in a little car. I drunkenly decided Shoo's bed was the best place to pass out. (Hope you don't mind Shooey, I will wash you sheets for you if you're grossed out.)

Got hot. Decided since I wasn't all out in the open on the couch I would strip to my undies. Couldn't figure out how to open the window. Knocked on Kyle's door in only a sheet so he would open the window for me. Explained I was wearing undies under the sheet so Kyle and Shoo didn't think my girl parts were all over his bed.

Lost my bra during the night. Almost wore Sara's home, until I figured out it wasn't mine and only covered my left nipple. Left bra in Shoo's bed for Sara to find.

Didn't come in to work on Sunday as planned, ate a lot and vegged in front of the TV Sunday.