Shit Happens

Friday, February 17, 2006

Vacation questions

I got my tax return and I need to spend it on my flight and bills before I spend it all on crap. (I am a master at spending money on crap!)

I'm flying out to Seattle for about 10 days in July but I'm not sure how I should book my flight. The cheapest I've found is a little under $300. I know that priceline(?) lets you name your own price, but doesn't tell you the time and date until the flight is confirmed.

I don't mind doing that since I don't need to be there for a specific event but I would rather know the time in advance. Also, I want to be out there for about 10 days in July/August. I would like the trip to span two weekends, but I'm flexible for a cheap flight.

How do travel agents work? Do travel agents even exist anymore? Is there a site I can type in "10-14 days July 1- August 15" and it will just give me the best deals according to those instructions??

Please help !

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

more untitled poetry!

This is a revision of something I wrote during the past year. I don't think I've posted it before and it definitely fits my "long poem" theme.

Stabbing into me
severing my legs
apart, entering my exposed
gut (a fish leaking
and torn) I don't want to scare
you so I gasp
softly, urgently as if your body left mine
a choice. You comply
knifing me
premeditated (presumed sane) the way
you rest before going
at it again. Ignoring the steady
stream of dripping

at least I'm writing ...

This is a draft of something I wrote for class. I'll work on sex'n it up (my writing, not the baby poem) for next week.

I feel only horror (pity
and terror) as infants tear
through should-stay tiny
holes, arriving with the suspicious
appearance of limbed leaches.

I see photos
and say, "I'm so happy
for you." I really feel so
sorry. (I would have bought your birth

When I consider adopting an orphan
puppy I think of my lost
weekends and spent
money, quickly becoming fearful
of fish.

I feel embarrassed
(by my embarrassment) over
my anger about the taxes I pay
for your child's education and the returns I can never see.